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Cybercrime remains prevalent and damaging threats from cybercriminals continue to loom over businesses and consumers. Since December 2013 thru November 2014 over 476 million identities have been exposed.

Join Symantec for an in-depth look at the underground economy of cyber-crime. How one individual and his gang operated and what mistakes were made that allowed Symantec to
expose him.

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The Underground Economy of Cyber-Crime

View this recorded webcast to get inside the inner workings of the cyber-criminal and just what you need to do to protect yourself.
•    How cyber-criminals find each other
•    Common techniques used to build trust in the cyber-criminal community
•    By what means goods are bought and sold in the underground economy
•    What you can do to protect yourself and your organization

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Presented by:
Kevin Haley, Director, Security Technology and Response
Kat Pelak, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Recorded Webcast